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    Our team has collaborated with numerous brands, elevating their websites to become industry benchmarks.

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    Our agency specializes in developing cutting-edge digital solutions, offering comprehensive expertise in strategic planning, top-tier implementation, and the seamless deployment of complex and advanced systems.

  • Pioneering Digital Strategy Experts

    Our mission is to grasp the overarching vision and craft tailored digital strategies that precisely address unique goals and objectives.


Our Collaborative Partnerships

We engage with a diverse range of businesses throughout Australia and the APAC region, driving pivotal digital transformations.

- Nationally and Internationally Acclaimed Brands
- Private and Publicly Traded Corporations
- eCommerce Merchants at All Levels


Why would you choose Us?


As part of our strategic approach, we capture and curate national and international best practices.

Strategic mindset

If you need a partner who is thinking broader and deeper about long term competitiveness, market differentiation and strategic dependability.

Digital architects

We work at the highest level for our platform, we can manage complex or high-critical systems that require an enterprise-level capability

Proactive digital partner.

Our ideal customer looks to us for advisory and ongoing support to nurture their digital journey.

Frequently asked questions

How do we transform your digital ?

As a digital agency we have worked with dozens of industry leading companies across Australia that have needed best-in-class results. Are you making the most of your digital potential?

Understand your bold vision

The first part of any digital journey is to understand the bigger picture. What is driving the organisation and marketing strategy?

Capture deep insight into your customer

The website exists to serve the customer. How well do you actually know your customer?

Map a friction-less user journey

We need a crystal clear focus on the journey we want our customer to go on. What do they want to see, and what do we want to show?

Develop your perfect website master plan

Our master plan encapsulates everything that will be needed to bring the transformation project together in a clearly laid out document.

Choosing a digital agency in Perth?

here are endless digital agencies in Perth, but how do you choose a good one?

Who have they worked with?Does the agency engage with credible companies? Is the work they have completed meaningful and recent? Many agencies will add a logo to their client portfolio for a minor engagement performed many years ago.

Our Agency has worked with some of Australia’s largest companies and proudly engages with industry leaders.

What do their customers say about them?

It is one thing to produce good looking work, but how they got there is another thing entirely. Key points you want to consider are whether the agency plays hardball or is a pushover. An agency that is too pliable can be a bigger problem than one that is not, as they can overpromise and underdeliver.

Lamb Agency was created to stand apart from traditional agency practices. We were tired of the short-sighted client management and client-politics. We consider ourselves to be an anti-agency. We’re proud to engage in work that is collaborative, focused on value generation and based on agreed-upon business objectives.

Are they connected in the industry?

An organisation’s history and connectivity within the industry they represent is a key factor. The more connected they are, the more likely they will continue to be an agency tomorrow.

Our Company is a long time supporter of the digital, marketing, and advertising industries. We have been key contributors to the Brisbane Advertising Association and Interactive Minds for over two years. Both organisations are pivotal to the connectivity and continued maturity of the digital and advertising industries.

Will they support you after the initial engagement

The real test of the success of a project is what happens after the project is launched.

Working on your digital platforms isn’t something that happens once every 3 years. It should be a continual process. By its nature digital is fast moving. To stay on top of everything you need someone who can be there to make sure you are keeping on top of current practice and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Your company may not have an internal team to look after you, but you can tap into the breadth of capabilities available within Lamb Agency. From performance optimisation to digital strategy within Lamb Agency to help you get the most out of digital.

How do we achieve some of the best result in Perth?

Business Analysis
A comprehensive business analysis

Your company’s website is likely one of the leading touch points for customers and your business. But it serves a greater purpose than just a frequent access point. It provides value to the business in the form of either lead generation, market positioning, customer support or a range of other activities.

Our goal is to distil the key contributions of digital to your business and map it to the bigger picture. Are you making a move on the leadership for the industry? Are you looking to grow internationally? Are you looking to improve the customer journey by providing access to 24 hours digital systems?

Mapping the customer

Your website primary purpose is to serve your customer. What are your customer segments? What are their information needs? Do we need to spend extra time to explain a key value proposition, or are we just trying to get them to our goal?

A strong definition of your customer drives intelligent decisions about your digital solution.

Competitor Analysis
A view of the industry, a competitor analysis

Your competitors have a significant role in determining how your digital needs to meet the market. Some industries have a significantly greater digital sophistication than others.

If you are looking to catch up, your competitors can provide a good baseline of practice that can direct your activities to get results quickly. Alternatively, if you are a leader, we can make sure your website clearly presents and keeps you as one.

We consider a range of aspects about your competitors from, the sophistication of their information architecture, digital marketing activities to the perceived quality and positioning of their offering.

Dedicated AM
Keeping your project in order and where you expect it to be

On approving a project proposal or engagement agreement you will be assigned an Account Manager(in Brisbane) who will be your contact for all things relating to Lamb Agency. Their role is to deliver your project on time and to its requirements.

Our account managers are there to make sure everything goes to plan, and that we keep an open and honest dialogue about the progress of the project. We aim to be ahead of the game, planning for issues, rather than reacting to them.

However in business, things happen, there could be a change in your priorities or a complication with an external dependency (say an integration provider). Our account managers will be there to highlight the complication and potential impact on our timelines and identify a workaround to get us where we need to be.

Content Workshop
Customer and content workshop

Your website exists to serve the customer and needs to be structured in a way that best serves their needs. Every website starts with some kind of positioning statement about your company and ideally ends with a call to action. What goes between, makes up your customer’s journey.

In our content workshop, we explore who the customer is and what are their goals, challenges, and drivers. This is combined with a plan to create the ideal information architecture that that prioritises information that makes up the core digital experience. The digital experience is a minimalist one, we don’t add information that isn’t needed.

Digital Support Audit
Articulating your needs, digital support audit

Everyone in digital struggles with at least one of three common issues.

Keeping up to date with industry best practice.
Lack of time.
Demonstrating results
Lamb Agency has a number of capabilities that can overcome these common problems, but also help build the sophistication of your digital capability to help avoid digital disruption.

Through our digital support audit, we will look at the components of your digital function – strategy, management, monitoring and execution mapped alongside your current level of sophistication. By default, most companies will only be receiving a passive level of organisational support from their digital agency.

By identifying where the effort will pay off the most we can identify where additional investment will provide the greatest return to your company’s strategy.

Digital Partnership
Setting the foundation for a mutual understanding of responsibilities

If you need an active digital partner who can proactively add value we have a range of engagement models we can implement including:

  • Full digital partnership
  • The Digital Strategist
  • The Performance Improver
  • The Platform Specialist

Each of these is aligned to a specific engagement type that sets the foundation for a documented set of responsibilities that we will manage and be reportable to.

If you want to get the best out of Lamb Agency as an agency, establishing a digital partnership sets a fantastic foundation.

How are we different from full-service digital agencies in Perth?

Lamb Agency is a specialist digital agency in Brisbane. We are provide a higher standard of comparable work to full-service agencies.

We work with partners all the time
It’s a common consideration to look at the agency mix that will serve your company. Some marketers prefer to work with full-service agencies, while some prefer to work with specialists. In Brisbane, you have a range of options for both configurations.

Full-service options sell the benefits of an integrated service, while specialist providers rely on the fact they will be better at executing on their specialist service.

It is extremely common for Lamb to work with other specialist agencies. Our existence is reliant on being able to work well with other specialist digital agencies like content, digital marketing or social. We make an effort to enrich the client ecosystems we work in to improve communication practices and collaboration.

It’s an easy problem to split apart
Working between agencies has been a long-established pattern, with the ability to split responsibilities is well ingrained in the community.

When we are engaged by a new company we automatically seek to identify their mix of agencies that are servicing the clients. We seek to understand their areas of responsibilities and active consideration to make sure we know how we can best add value to their work.

When it comes to Digital Marketing Agencies, we make sure we involve them in the decision making all through our development process and work with them to make sure no drop of Google juice is lost or interruption to any active campaigns.

Why choose Sydney/Melbourne?
We have worked with a number of clients (like Terry White Chemmart, Price Attack, etc) that have made the decision to bring their digital back to Brisbane.

It’s a common frustration of digital agencies in Brisbane as to why clients would choose a Sydney or Melbourne counterpart when there is a perfectly valid service provider locally.

The capability of Brisbane’s digital agencies is strong, and equivalent if not better in some ways. Not only does working with an interstate client incur a communication penalty, but the pricing of services in other capital cities compared to Brisbane is usually higher.

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