Website Design & Development

In this day and age, people rely heavily on the Internet to learn everything about a company.

People immediately check the company website for numerous reasons such as to get some information about the products, business hours, business contact details and address, to seek job opportunities etc.

Also, a website helps to establish credibility as a business. 

Websites are an owned medium and this can give out a positive impression that your company is a great place to work and is bigger and more successful.

Why website design and development is important?

We specialize in web designing – an art form that reflects your business insight. 

As the saying goes, “First impression is the lasting one, and with web technology, your website is the first thing a visitor sees. 

That’s why we make sure our websites are optimized for selling, up-to-date with current technology, and uniquely designed to speak for themselves. 

Additionally, all of our sites meet the World Wide Web Consortium’s accessibility standards, and we test them in the most popular browsers and screen resolutions.

Having a website is an opportunity because it establishes your legitimacy as a business and it’s a great first impression if done properly while giving people comfort that you’re a real business.

Therefore, it impacts how your audience perceives your brand.

The impression that you give off through your website will either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor.

This is where you need a good website not just anything that look like a website.

Our Website Development Service Workflow

At HypeX Digital Marketing Agency, we are dedicated to providing your business with a comprehensive online presence. 

We prioritize functionality and usability and provide training to your staff to ensure that your website is used as an asset for your business in Sri Lanka. 

Our main objective is to make sure that visitors can easily find the information they are searching for, resulting in a positive and effective user experience.

>> We start by creating an objective brand analysis, performing keyword research, and creating a positioning strategy.

>> Then we move on to designing and developing your website.

>> We work closely with you to create content, organize information, and develop the visual designs of your website.

>> Finally, we provide ongoing support to make sure your website is up-to-date and running smoothly.


website optimised for viewing on mobile devices Mobile Friendly Web Design              design and execution that makes it easy for search engines to index it Optimised for Search Engines

Use of current and up to date technologies Built with Modern Technologies       ability to easily modify or customize the content and layout Easy to Customise Site Pages

improve the load times of your website Faster Page Load Times                      easy to use WordPress Backend Solid WordPress Backend Build